Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In mom and Gerald's kitchen they have scripted over the window, Joy cometh in the morning. It's a beautiful view one we are looking forward to them returning to. I thought I would share with all of you what she said to me this morning. "Remember what I have always told you, Weaping shall endure the night for Joy cometh in the morning". I do believe the sun is on the horizon. This will be our final blog for awhile. Rehab is a busy place! They work long and hard everyday, and spirits are high with progess. Altough all we have to report is time. I want to take a minute to say thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers we could'nt have made it without you. Keep your loved ones close, always pray for there safety and remember to tell them you love them everyday for tomorrow is never a guarantee. Our lives have forever been changed from one tragic moment. For those of you who that have been there and offered your homes, cars, food, assisstance...the list continues longer than the blog!!! There will never be enough words to say how much you mean. It brings a smile to her face everyday just thinking of the amount of people she would have never known cared so much!! Thank you again and please keep them in your prayers. Bless you all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to Arkansas !!!

Monday Aug 6, Vicki was transported to Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute in Little Rock. Her whole attitude has changed for the better, she was definitely ready to get out of the hospital and into rehab. She will have a really busy schedule, getting up by 6:30 am to be ready to start physical therapy by 8:00, lunch break around 12 noon, back to therapy around 1:30, and finally ending around 4:30. It sounds intense, but their success rate is excellent. And to add a cherry on top, she was very happy to have Gerald join her today. BRI has the top rated head trauma unit in the area. It feels like our families can finally take a relaxed breath now. Medically, they have both over come some much and now physical and cognitive recovery is within reach.

I just want to mention, that when mother was finally off most of her medications (where she could remember something for more than a minute) and realized all the cards she had received, she started reading through them, her reaction was always the same "I can't believe this". She is in awe, over the amount of prayers, well wishers and wonderful friends she has. Thank you. A special thank you to the students who sent cards from Harp Elementary. Heather hung them all over the wall in her hospital room.

We would also like to thank (like that's even enough) Diane, Jamie, Bonita, Janiece, Marilyn, Beverly, Trudi, and Patsy. Without you all, our children would have had a summer without us and our husbands might have replaced us.

I hope to report on their outstanding progress next week.

Take care,
Christy and Heather

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Third Time is a Charm, we hope!

I'm making reference to Vicki's leg. Vicki is having surgery on her leg again, for the third time. Hopefully this will be the last surgery, and speed up her recovery time with the adjustments they are making during surgery. This would be a good time to slip an encouraging card in the mail. On her "range of motion" report card she had improved in nearly all areas. Good job!

On a good note, I got to bring Dad home today. I didn't want to announce it until we got here. I was fearful that something would change at the last minute. He is walking, and it is an AWESOME sight!!! He's still a little weak, but I know with his determination he'll be strong as an ox in no time. He will be busy with rehab; cognitive, occupational, and physical therapy. We've still got a lot of work ahead of us, but I am seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Wow, it is great to be home. Jackie and Diane had a 5 star meal fixed upon Dad's arrival home. Thanks to Dime's Meat Market for their kindness and to Ken's Signs.
Dad is still going to have to sqeeze in some rest time, so please call before visiting.
Jamie, Diane, Bonita, Dennis and Trudi, you all were lifesavers this week!
Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support!
Love to all,

Jackie, Jerry, and Timi

Monday, July 23, 2007

Call before visiting.

I have just received a message asking for visitors to please call before visiting. Gerald and Vicki's schedule require them to squeeze in some rest and we're coming up short in that area.
Thanks to everyone for their support, concern, and prayers.

Love to all,

Jackie, Jerry, and Timi

Saturday, July 21, 2007

One Floor down, but 10 steps ahead...

The last 10 days have been a little crazy...getting medications correct, physical therapy orders reviewed, finding lost discharge papers from St. John's, trying to get people to clean and empty trash at other times than 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning. Yes, as crazy as all those things sound, they have all been very real challenges. We have had some excellent care, but, it just takes a few things to fall between the cracks to make things crazy!
I took Tiffani, John Garrett and Kourtney to see "Ger Ger" and "Nana" Tuesday. I had tried to prepare the kids that things were a little different now, and I think I had the poor things scared to death. The visits were brief, but encouraging for all. A hug goes a long way, especially from a child.
Dad got his arm/hand casts off Monday! I am so impressed by the surgeons' diligent work on Dad's right hand. He did a remarkable job. Dad is so pleased to have those darn cast's off, he's been trying to get someone to cut those things off for 3 weeks. After dr.'s reviewed the MRI results done on the right leg they determined that it will not require more surgery. Whew!
We anticipated a move around 11:00 Friday and finally started moving down around 1:30. Dad has been moved to a rehab one floor down. I am looking forward to seeing big changes when I go back next week. Dad will have a very busy schedule for the next few weeks. He'll be doing cognitive, occupational, and physical therapy for several hours a day. The therapy is pretty intense, but their success rate is high. Go Gerald, go! He looked exhausted after the move yesterday, yet excited at the thought of progress. We need to limit visits for the next couple of weeks, because Dad is going to be working so hard during the week. His day is going to be busy, busy until about 4:00 p.m. everyday. He will have a little more free time on the weekends, but will still be working hard half a day on Saturday.
Vicki is facing all of her challenges with patience. Discharge papers from St. John's were lost, so that slowed down progress a little. She is experiencing nausea, and is having a hard time finding anything that tastes good. More X-rays were done on her leg, they are trying to determine if more surgery is going to be required. Vicki not only had the broken bones, but internal injuries as well, and this makes it more difficult and painful to do physical therapy. Her pain is still intense, but, she is staying motivated to make progress. Vicki was able to sit up on the side of the bed with no nausea Friday afternoon, and that is awesome progress.
Despite all the pain Vicki is experiencing she looks really good. A beautician came and washed her hair, and got her all "fluffed" up again. It's amazing what clean hair can do for the soul!
Thanks to Janiece, Diane, Jamie, Frank and Rosemary for all their help this week.

Pray for progress!

Jackie, Jerry, and Timi

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Stand By Your Man"

"Stand By Your Man" may have to be the new Rotary motto. I have been so impressed by how many fellow Rotarians have been by to see Dad, sent cards, etc. Thank you Rotarians.
Dad is progressing, yet may have a small setback on the right leg. They did an MRI Friday to see if there was damage to the leg. They think there is either fluid on the leg or a tendon is trying to come loose.
Dad wants that IV unhooked pronto! He is ready to get to his lakehouse and rehab in Northwest Arkansas. He still needs to accomplish some things in Tulsa but, being an independant man he is getting tired of listening to orders, and asking for assistance. He has progressed to wearing workout clothes,....no more hospital gowns! Ha!
Please pray for strength, patience, endurance, and of course, progress.

Jackie, Jerry, and Timi

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wound care takes over !!!

The wound care team took over yesterday to remove mothers stitches on her upper and lower legs, arms, hands and fingers. Now I wish I had counted them! This was a great relief for her. Heather took over today for the weekend. She reported that Vic's outstanding P.T. David has informed mother, she better rest up over the weekend because next week he's going to "get tough". Hey good luck with that David !!!! But if anybody can get her moving he can. Gerald is looking good, and feeling good, and thinks he should be able to go ahead and go on back to Springdale. Those of you who have seen him know he's just not quite ready. Next week should get interesting........stayed tuned.

Love to all,
Christy and Heather

Monday, July 9, 2007

Neighbors on the 5th floor. Dad and Vick are finally on the same floor 2 doors apart. They are both slowly rehabilitating. Vicki has been out of bed and sitting in a chair a couple of times. That is a major undertaking with all of her breaks! Dad got his hard cast off of his leg last Friday. He now has a brace on his leg and has a machine that exercises it 3-4 times a day 2 hours at a time. The orthopedic dr. said the leg looked like it was healing nicely. Dad has tried to get anyone and everyone to take the casts off of his hands and lower arms. They need to stay on another 3-4 weeks. He did hold a cup of coffee with his casts on the other day, it made me very nervous! What a daredevil!!
Dad and Vicki are enjoying the cards and notes they receive. People have been so generous with kind expressions and words of encouragement. Please keep those encouraging cards coming our way.
Special thanks to Marilyn, Janiece, Sam, Diane, Jamie, Dorothy, and Jr. they were a big help this past week. Thanks to Tom Clark for the yummy fruit basket and brownie assortment and to Rosemary McCarty for the chocolate cream pie. Dad and Vicki both ate a whole piece of pie and enjoyed the other goodies.
Pray for progress.

Jackie, Jerry, and Timi

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

United at last!

Well, Gerald and Vicki are finally together at ONE hospital! They will both be doing their rehab at St. Francis for now. Gerald is ready to slip on his bermuda shorts and sandals and get back to Springdale. Jackie has had her hands full the last few days! Vicki's surgery went well Monday. She will be in a considerable amount of pain, but should be healing and ready to to rehab soon. I'll be heading back to Tulsa to relieve Jackie. Pray for progress!!
Thanks to all of our friends, and helpers!


Jackie, Jerry, and Timi